LIN 389C

Research in Computational Linguistics

The University of Texas at Austin
Spring 2021
Instructor: Jessy Li

Course Information

Course Information

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Course Purpose

To teach about, encourage, and give students time for research. Also to establish vertical cohorts among students interested in the same subfield.

Course Organization

There are six constituencies who will not be treated exactly equally in the course because their needs are different:

Course Components


FERPA and Class Recordings

Class recordings are reserved only for students in this class for educational purposes and are protected under FERPA. The recordings should not be shared outside the class in any form. Violation of this restriction by a student could lead to Student Misconduct proceedings.

COVID Guidance

To help keep everyone at UT and in our community safe, it is critical that students report COVID-19 symptoms and testing, regardless of test results, to University Health Services, and faculty and staff report to the HealthPoint Occupational Health Program (OHP) as soon as possible. Please see this link to understand what needs to be reported. In addition, to help understand what to do if a fellow student in the class (or the instructor or TA) tests positive for COVID, see this University Health Services link.


This is the list of suggested topics we will discuss this semester (to be refined):


Each week, unless noted otherwise, we use the first part of the class to discuss the topic of the week, and we use the second part for a round-table discussing people’s research.