LIN 393

Discourse Processing and Natural Language Generation

The University of Texas at Austin
Fall 2020
Instructor: Jessy Li



Course Information

Course Description

To generate coherent and meaningful text involves careful organization of its content; similarly, to fully understand a text as a whole requires information that cannot be obtained when considering each sentence individually. This seminar explores the intersection of discourse structure and natural language generation. We will discuss foundations of discourse: how one span of text relates to each other leading to the local coherence of the text. We will seek to understand the role of discourse structure in natural language generation, and in end tasks such as summarization and data-to-text generation.


Graduate standing. Prior coursework in Computational Linguistics/Natural Language Processing/Machine Learning/a related field in AI, or instructor consent.


There will be no textbook for this seminar; reading material will consists of technical papers discussed in each meeting.

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